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Mail & Packages

two service desk assistants in mail room taking package down from shelf

Please use the information below for the proper mailing address format for mail and package delivery to your residence hall.

Address and Zip Code Search

You may look up your residence hall street address by using the "Address Search" tab on the Campus Map website.

Mailing Format

Residence Hall Format

Student Name
University of Maryland
Room Number, Building Name
Street Address
College Park, MD 20742 - ZIP code


Terp Forthewin
University of Maryland
2100 La Plata Hall
4121 Farm Drive
College Park, MD 20742

Leonardtown Format

Student Name
Leonardtown Building Number-Unit Number
Street Address
College Park, MD 20742 - ZIP code


Flavia de Luce
Leonardtown 249-02
7563 Yale Avenue
College Park, MD 20742

Residence Hall Street Addresses

Bel Air Hall: 4213 Valley Drive
Cambridge Hall: 4230 Farm Drive
Centreville Hall: 4243 Valley Drive
Chestertown Hall: 4201 Valley Drive
Cumberland Hall: 4250 Farm Dr

Denton Hall: 3854 Stadium Drive
Easton Hall: 3917 Denton Service Lane
Elkton Hall: 3981 Denton Service Lane

Ellicott Hall: 4052 Stadium Drive
Hagerstown Hall: 8075 Hagerstown Lane
La Plata Hall: 8160 Farm Drive

Pyon-Chen Hall: 8097 La Plata Drive
Johnson-Whittle Hall: 4118 Stadium Drive

Community Center: 7559 Yale Avenue
244: 4673 Rossborough Lane
245: 4689 Rossborough Lane
246: 7575 Yale Avenue
247: 4713 Rossborough Lane
248: 7567 Yale Avenue
249: 7563 Yale Avenue

Anne Arundel Hall: 3915 Campus Drive
Dorchester Hall: 3947 Campus Drive
Caroline Hall: 7154 Preinkert Drive
Carroll Hall: 7284 Preinkert Drive
Prince Frederick Hall: 7030 Preinkert Drive
Queen Anne’s Hall: 7645 Preinkert Drive
Somerset Hall: 7567 Preinkert Drive
St. Mary’s Hall: 3949 Campus Drive
Wicomico Hall: 7218 Preinkert Drive
Worcester Hall: 7405 Preinkert Drive

Oakland Hall: 3912 Denton Service Lane

Allegany Hall: 4299 Lehigh Road
Annapolis Hall: 7626 Regents Drive
Baltimore Hall: 7497 Calvert Service Lane
Calvert Hall: 7551 Calvert Service Lane
Cecil Hall: 7549 Calvert Service Lane
Charles Hall: 4405 Lehigh Road
Frederick Hall: 4402 Lehigh Road
Garrett Hall: 7570 Calvert Service Lane
Harford Hall: 7660 Regents Drive
Howard Hall: 4296 Lehigh Road
Kent Hall: 7565 Calvert Service Lane
Montgomery Hall: 7570 Regents Drive
Prince George’s: 7527 Calvert Service Lane
Talbot Hall: 7569 Calvert Service Lane
Washington Hall: 4298 Lehigh Road

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